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Absolutely right my brother. The Republicans have (smartly) tied up most of the local elections around the country; aside from Kerry and the U.S. Senate candidate, we had only one Democrat to choose from among all the dozen other races around here. Just one. That does not a national organization make. You can't just roll the dice for the top ticket...you gotta run everywhere. (Mixed metaphorically speaking.)

You probably got more than enough of the national campaigns there in your Western PA neck of the woods...but they were NEVER here all year. I think Democrats made a big error (now in hindsight of course) in failing to contest, and just plain writing off the South. Especially galling since they had a native born hick sounding country lawyer on the ticket. They could've forced the Republicans to spend money and take their eyes off Ohio for awhile...like when Aragorn and Gimli and co. go to the gate and rattle their chains so Frodo and Sam can scamper up Mount Doom...

I'm sorry...I was just thinking about the Extended Edition coming out in December. Something to look forward to...


I agree with you as well. This stung, but the pain will help to keep me focused. Santorum first. Starting... tomorrow for me. I need today to get over it.


yes... santorum must go...

this is from the trib earlier this year:
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist won't seek re-election in 2006. And the odds-on favorite to succeed him is none other than U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, should he win re-election that same year. And insiders tell the wrap that Mr. Santorum likely will make it his last term, what with his large family and longing to make more money. Of course, the specter of a Frist-Santorum or Chuck Hagel-Santorum ticket in 2008 could keep Santorum in Washington. Stay tuned.


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